Shop Silversilk long sleeve shirts for two piece walking suits at Silversilk brand walking suits design long sleeve shirts for every man. Silverslik long sleeve tops are Knitted tops with a Zipper up model and 2 Side pockets. Silversilk long sleeve tops feature Elastic Sleeves on the ends and bottoms. J.Valintin is constantly adding new products from brand Silversilk and currently carries available color ways like Black, white, gray, and Multi color. Silversilk long sleeve shirts have either a Mock neck or Laydown collar and are Fully Lined to go back to Slacks with a Plain Front Style. Pants that go back to the Silversilk long sleeve shirt for two piece walking suits have two front pockets and two Back Pockets and are Lined to the knees with an Open Bottom. Shop Long sleeve shirts from Silversilk at to complete components of their two piece walking suits.

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