Visit to shop different brands and types of Bowties. Bowties are upscale neckwear for formal events and elevate your personal style to make a statement when attending events for which you want to make an impression. J. Valintin stocks a Formal Bow Tie by brand INSOMNIA by MANZINI. These bowties are made of 100% MicroFiber fabric and feature a fancy design that is Soft and Elegant. These bowties are Great to wear with Formal Suits or Tuxedos and with Vests and are competitively priced at $50.00 US. J.Valintin also sells Formal Bow Ties and Hankies by STEVEN LAND that are 100% Silk and feature a Pleated Pattern. These bowties are Hand made, Soft and Elegant and Great to wear with Formal Suit or Tuxedo and Vests and are priced at $60.00 US. Shop Bowties from the neckwear section at

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